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Energy Analysis that Helps You Implement Energy Efficient Solutions

Apex Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis that Helps You Implement Energy Efficient Solutions

Energy Analysis is a technique used in determining and analysing the status of electricity consumption, demand charges, and commodity charges. At AGS, we provide comprehensive Energy Analysis for businesses on their electricity bills to help them identify whether they are being charged correctly and not paying network tariff charges that are not applicable.

Demand charges- Demand charges refer to monthly load-based electricity chargers from the retailer. This amount varies from month to month depending on the electricity usage based on reap power (kW) or apparent power (kVA).

Commodity charges- Commodity charges on the other hand are charged on the amount of energy consumed. Typically, commodity charges are separated into different rates varying from time of day to day of week and time of year.

How AGS Helps- Apex Global Solutions helps your business in identifying these charges that can be reduced and/or eliminated with Energy Analysis. Based on our findings, we will offer solutions tailored to your needs that reduce or eliminate demand and commodity charges with our Energy Efficient Solutions. We enable our clients to get on the right tariff that eliminates any instances where they overpay for the service they acquire from their electricity retailer.

By choosing AGS as your partner, your business gets to leverage on solutions that provide fast and measurable return on investment. If you are not sure how Energy Analysis can help you reduce electricity charges and get you on the right tariff, call us today and our engineers and designers will help you realize how much energy you can save with regular Energy Analysis.

Meter Data Analysis

Smart Analytics for Smart Energy Users

Meter Data Analysis is part of our energy efficient solutions that enables users to analyze the volume of energy consumption, patterns, load patterns, and more. It also helps in determining any potential issues or hazards with electrical equipment and appliances.

At AGS, we value Meter Data Analysis as a crucial factor in determining and designing the best Solar Power System that will offer measurable return on investment for your home or business. Based on the patterns of usage, we make efficient decisions in installing and integrating Solar Power Systems and reduce chances of energy theft and unbilled energy.

AGS has the infrastructure, expertise, and workforce that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to energy systems and efficiency in your premise. Our engineers and designers are available to provide onsite Meter Data Analysis followed by consultation on what Solar Power Systems will be ideal for your specific needs!

Energy Management Systems

Control, Monitor, & Optimize Performance with Energy Management

Energy Management System (EMS) by AGS is just what your business needs – a one-stop solution to meet all your energy needs for planning, control, monitoring, and more. Our energy management solution empowers your business with centralized management of all your electrical networks, units, and appliances.

Let our team of engineers and designers integrate EMS in your business that enables you to eliminate various network and commodity charges, reduce power factor, and optimize the energy usage according to your need. In other words, EMS by AGS is designed for ease of use, and engineered to reduce your monthly expenditures.

Don’t pay more when you can pay far less! AGS can assist you in Energy Management from planning efficient energy consumption to creating EMS that enables you to easily control your energy network and proactively highlight and address any issues that may arise.