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The Most Business-Friendly Way to Go Solar

At AGS, we specialise in helping businesses switch to greener routes with easy and affordable commercial leasing/rental plan. In order to make these solutions feasible for as many businesses as possible, we have created a plan that offers a plethora of benefits regardless of your business size or nature. Some of the advantages AGS is offering through its solar rental/leasing plan for businesses include:

No Deposit required
100% Tax Deductible over the period of the loan
Easy monthly repayments upto 5 years or more
Ownership transferred to client at the endof the term
Quick and easy approvals - approvals not needed in some cases
Lower monthly payments

We work with our clients to make sure that we are able to deliver cash flow positive solutions. So while you save more towards your electricity bills, you also make smaller payments each month towards your Leasing/Rental plan with AGS. This means you can start making savings right away!

The Innate Benefits of Going Solar as a Business

Take advantage of the Tax break benefit from Government for $20,000 for businesses. Buy and Install your Solar System before 30th June 2017 and you could be eligible for this Tax benefit, Ask your accountant for eligibility.

Simplifying Your Decision

While the benefits of our solar rental/leasing plan are too bright to ignore, we have greatly simplified the whole process to make it a decision you won’t regret.

We install a Solar System on your Business with $0 upfront deposit on a Leasing/Rental Finance plan.Rent towards the Solar system is monthly and is a fixed amount for the period of the loan.So you know your outgoings all the time. You simply pay off the solar system in the period of the loan.

For any questions and queries you may have in regards to our solar leasing/rental plan, our representatives are always available to provide satisfactory answers. Get in touch and learn more about why we are the best choices for businesses going solar!