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Light Up Your Life with Long-term Savings with Solar

Is your home green enough yet?

Going solar is a decision that concerns the wellbeing of generations to come. So, this is the best time to take advantage of this opportunity. At AGS, we offer the most affordable solar solutions to residential clients in Australia. Other than that, we give you all the reasons to choose these solutions to save more your money and the planet we live on.

If you haven’t considered switching to this renewable form of energy, this is all you need to know.

Solar Makes You Future-Ready

Electricity prices have risen by 80% in the last 5 years, and they are only predicted to go uphill from here. Your current bill may already be too heavy on your pocket. You can only control your consumption to a certain extent, but the rising prices means even that won’t help you save much. While switching to solar may come with an initial cost, the long-term saving makes it absolutely worth the investment.

Solar Panels Are Valuable Assets

With rising interest in renewable energy, the demand for homes powered by solar is also increasing. Solar panels can now add more value to your home and that is why they are considered an asset. So, whether you choose to live in the home or not, the ROI is always positive.

Going Solar is a Rewarding Experience

Australia is competing for the top spot among nations that are ahead in the renewable energy game. The government has initiated many reward programs to encourage homeowners to go solar. There are many rebates that can help save a handsome amount every year. These rebates aren’t going to last once we have hit our targets. So, this is the best way to take advantage of the opportunity.

Raise a Sensible and Responsible Generation

Growing up in a home that runs on greener and cleaner energy, your kids are more likely to foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the planet. Raise your kids with values that really matter. Make them people who would contribute to the wellbeing of the world rather. Let the goodness and greenness prevail, generation after generation.

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What is Photovoltaic Panels?

A photovoltaic array (also called a solar array) consists of multiple photovoltaic modules, casually referred as solar panels, that convert solar radiation (sunlight) into usable direct current (DC). Electricity Photovoltaic (PV) materials and devices convert sunlight into electrical energy. PV cells are commonly known as solar cells.

What is an inverter?

A power inverter, or an inverter, is an electrical power converter that changes Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). That means it converts the energy from the sun into electricity.

Is it Safe to install Solar panel?

Yes! it's 100% safe to install solar panels. Only qualified installers have the authority to install them and you will get a CES – certificate of electrical safety once the job is done.

How does it work?

Power Feed-In Method :

1. Solar panels generate DC electricity from sunlight and supply this to inverter.

2. The inverter converts DC to AC that is energy from panels into electricity.

3. First the electricity comes to your house and you use it directly from solar instead of buying electricity from your electricity company that means during the day whatever you consume from solar is free electricity for you.

4. Excess electricity that you don’t use from your solar system is fed back into electricity grid and your electricity company pays you a price for it ,that means instead of buying from them you sell them your own electricity generated from your own solar system.

What size system is suitable for my house?

We can answer this question for you all you need to do is book an obligation free quote and one of our solar experts will visit you at your home and would look at your electricity bills and suggest you which size system will cover your electricity bills or give you maximum savings.

What is feed-in-tariff?

Feed-in-tariff is the price paid by your electricity retailer for the excess power generated and fed back to the grid from your solar system. This price is decided by the government and followed by all electricity companies.

Which direction is suitable for Solar?

Best ideal direction for solar is North but systems can also be put up at North West , North East or West, but not onto the South.

How do I know how much electricity I’m generating through Solar?

You can check on your inverter daily how much electricity you are generating . We would provide you with a users manual for your inverter which would teach you how to read your inverter. Also most inverters have RS232 port through which you can connect your inverter to your computer or laptop and check daily on your computer how much power is being generated.

What paperwork is involved after installation of my Solar System?

We at Apex Global Solutions do all the paperwork for you here is a step by step guide of what we do :

Step 1 - Installation of your Solar panels.

Step 2 - Government Inspection – One of the inspectors will come and inspect the job that our qualified installers have done ,The inspector would provide you with a CES certificate that is the certificate of electrical safety (compliance).

Step 3 - We send 2 paperworks to your power company on your behalf :

a) EWR – Electrical Work request - requesting your power company to come and change or programme your Smart meter. A smart meter is needed for your solar system to be fully functional.

b) CES – certificate of electrical safety (compliance certificate).

c) PV form - filled by the installer .

Step 4 - Once the above paperworks are received by your power company they will come in approximately 25 business days to change or program your smart meter.

Step 5 - Once your meter is programmed your power company will provide you with a feed in tariff form which you would have to fill and send to your power company.

Now your Solar system is fully functional , Enjoy your Green Energy.
Note : Apex Global Solutions does not guarantee the time frame involved in the entire process as sometimes there are delays with your distributors in changing and programming your smart meters. But Apex Global Solutions is fully committed to give you assistance with regards to the paperwork involved so that your connection gets done as soon as possible.