Apex Global Solutions


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We are providers of highest quality, reliable, yet affordable solar energy solutions to residential and commercial clients in Australia.


Light Up Your Life with Long-term Savings with Solar

At AGS, we offer the most affordable solar solutions to residential clients in Australia. Other than that, we give you all the reasons to choose these solutions to save more your money and the planet we live on.

Is your home green enough yet?


The Most Business-Friendly Way to Go Solar

At AGS, we specialise in helping businesses switch to greener routes with easy and affordable commercial leasing/rental plan. In order to make these solutions feasible for as many businesses as possible, we have created a plan that offers a plethora of benefits regardless of your business size or nature.


Word of mouth has always been an important part of our business development. The power of personal experience, shared by real people, is enormous. This is what they say about us.