Apex Global Solutions


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Our Motto

"A Clean Environment is a Green Environment"

The Brightest Star in Australia’s Solar Revolution

Apex Global Solutions (AGS) is one of the most prominent names in companies that are helping Australia hit its renewable energy goals. We are providers of highest quality, reliable, yet affordable solar energy solutions to residential and commercial clients in Australia.

We work alongside some of the most trusted solar panel manufacturers around the world to deliver solutions that comply with the regulatory standards while fulfilling customer’s expectations of how these solutions can improve energy saving and management endeavours.

Our major areas of expertise include :-

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for Residential and Commercial properties.
Hybrid PV Solar Systems (Battery backup while connected to the grid)
Off Grid PV Solar Systems (Battery backup with Auto Start connected with your Generator for clients that are completely off the grid)
LED Lighting
Energy Management Solutions
Meter Data Analysis

Our Mission

At AGS, our mission is to make the most efficient solar technology and solutions available, accessible, and affordable for people in Australia. We aim to empower people with the technology they need to play a stronger role in ensuring a greener future. That is precisely why we are constantly striving to make solar solutions easy to install and convenient to maintain.

We are meeting our targets and goals with the help of our team as well as our partners who enable us to deliver the most efficient solutions tailored for the specific needs of each client.

Our Team

AGS boasts a team that holds extensive expertise and experience in offering solar energy solutions to clients with varying needs. We have worked with small scale hybrid systems as well as large-scale off-grid solutions.

AGS is highly vigilant in choosing the people we work with. Our electricians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) & are masters in their trade. All installations by our team are done with CEC guidelines. Committed to our mission, our team invests time and effort in helping clients understand the possibilities and profitability of renewable energy. We then focus on designing innovative solutions to ensure the PV Solar System works with its full potential to get the maximum savings for our clients.

AGS, together with its partners and engineers, strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and the best value for you investment.

For more information regarding our company, products, or services, get in touch with us. Call us now 1300 307 828