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Gavan O' Connel

from French Island, Vic 3921. Off Grid System (26 Panels Installed)- Ground Mounted frames with 32kWh battery storage.

Nicholos O' Connor

from Sailors Fall, Vic 3461. Off Grid system (22 Panels Installed) with 16kWh battery storage

F & M Ficarra Family

from Lake Boga, Vic 3584. (135 panels installed for his business)

Russell Hall

from Boolarra, Vic 3870 (24 Panels Installed) with 18kW battery storage using Tigo Optimisers.

Lawrie Videky

from Cheltenham, Vic 3192(77 Panels Installed) for his business.

Georgina Sullivan

from Taylors Hill, Vic 3037. (38 panels installed) Never had a problem with AGS they have really looked after me.

Kevin Smith

from Epping, Vic 3076. (21 Panels Installed). Electricians did a fantastic job. Really happy with how my solar system is working.

Joesph Ormando

from Coburg, Vic 3058. (40 Panels Installed) for his business. Excellent work by AGS Team I bought 2 systems from them and extremely happy with the outcome.

Wilson Family

from Eskdale, Vic 3701 (40 Panels Installed) for his Dairy farm. AGS is true to their word , we have received excellent after sales from AGS and very happy with their job, Making great savings towards our electricity bills for our Dairy farm.