Battery Backup System


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Smart Hybrid Systems, Tailored to Your Needs

Hybrid Solar Power System is a type of solar energy system connected to the main grid with battery backup. This unique system enables you to maximize the financial return as you will no longer have to feed back to the grid. In other words, you don’t need to feed the minimum return of 6c per kWh to the grid, or less. All the excess power can easily be stored in the batteries to allow you to use it whenever the need arises or whenever you see fit!

At AGS, we provide homes, businesses, and government clients with industry leading solutions when it comes to Hybrid Solar Power Systems. Our unique solar power option empowers the end user with the freedom to keep the excess power for their own use rather than having to send it back to the grid.

The engineering & design team at AGS strategically aligns your needs to create Hybrid Solar Power Systems that can reduce and even eliminate demand charges. Our system is easily programmable via our exclusive Energy Management System (EMS) that enables shift load. Shift load allows the user to store the energy in the batteries for later use. The system can also be programmed to charge the batteries during the off-peak hours, or any other time the user prefers.

The level of control and flexibility our programming capabilities deliver ensures our clients that even during blackouts, power outage is never a concern. In situations where the grid supply is not able to meet the load demands, EMS can be programmed to support the grid which gives you the perfect balance between grid and solar powered electricity supply.

AGS is always here to help its clients and customers make the right decisions when it comes to an investment as big as energy solutions. Our hybrid solution is available for home and business, and designed in accordance to existing power infrastructure and your requirements.

Enquiring doesn’t hurt, but huge bills do! Call us now on 1300 307 828 for consultation and our engineers and designers will help you determine what works best for your needs!