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Our Motto

"A Clean Environment is a Green Environment"

Join Melbourne’s Leading Solar Panel Company in Its Mission to Save the Planet

Australia is leading the league of eco-conscious countries that have constantly been lowering carbon footprint and emissions. While the success has been achieved on a broader level, it has only been possible through individual efforts. Apex Global Solutions stands as a company that is empowering individuals and corporation in playing their part in this mission. We offer highest-quality solar panels and energy management solutions to help you shift your residential or commercial facility to solar energy.

One Stop for Custom Energy Management Solutions

We have taken a more comprehensive approach to offer solutions that go beyond solar panel installations. With more than a decade of experience and wide-ranging expertise, we help you with complete solutions that ultimately help you reduce your energy consumption as well as the carbon footprint.

Our solutions are completely customized based on your specific situation and requirements. Our consultants work closely with our clients to make sure the solutions are tailored to meet your long term and short term targets as well as your overall budget and other constraints.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Victoria the most energy efficient state of Australia and we aim to do it one solar panel at a time. Providing you with the most efficient solution is crucial to our mission. Whether you go for hybrid or off the grid, Apex Global Solutions promises a satisfactory experience bundled with the best value for money.