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Hassle Free Off the Grid Energy Solutions

Off Grid Solar Power Systems are quite common in supplying electricity to units where the primary source of electricity is generators. AGS is proud to offer Off Grid Solar Power Systems for homes and businesses in locations with no grid power infrastructure and supply. Also known as Stand Alone Solar Power Systems, they can be designed and engineered to the specific needs of the client from homes and businesses to government owned lands.

When it comes to electricity supply in areas where there is no grid infrastructure, the designing phase needs to be carried out carefully. Doing so ensures that the end-consumer is able to get uninterrupted access to electricity generated via solar energy and is able to conveniently move to generator supply as a backup option in case the supply runs low or on cloudy days with little sunshine.

This is where AGS excels by designing and installing Off Grid Solar Power Systems that are purpose built for maximum performance with no interruptions. We offer AC coupling and DC coupling configuration with solar power and batteries that can provide you with great return on investment. We also provide auto-start generator features in situations where the solar power and batteries experience outage.

Our Energy Management System (EMS) can be integrated with any type of Off Grid Solar Power Systems that we design and install for our clients. EMS enables us to integrate various programs with the off grid system that can be programmed to your specific needs. All you have to do is to get in touch with our engineers and designers to get started!

What makes AGS the leading choice for homes, businesses, and government clients is our complete 360 degree approach to providing Off Grid Solar Power Systems. From the time you contact us for initial consultation to the time where you appoint us for routine maintenance, we empower your decision with convenience and cost effectiveness.

Make an enquiry today! It’s free and will help you determine the best off grid setup for your needs. Call us now on 1300 307 828 to get started!